Sunday, April 8

Envelope Inspiration

I love the color blocking technique! 

I mentioned previously that I went to a Van Gogh exhibit in Philly.  While there soaking up the art and history, I took a look in the museum gift shop and what did I find . . .inspiration. 

The idea is simple.  Copy a page from the coloring book, color it and then mail it as either an envelope or fold-over.  I figure that will send my love of art and be very interesting.  Only one thing has prevented me from trying it thus far.

Moving.  I am under contract on the house with the stamp on the light switch. 
To all those who write me, the P.O. Box will be open till June and if all holds well I will move soon!  And I am very sorry for the slow replies, but they say life happens!
My best,


  1. Moving to a new house is a kind of great adventure!i'm glad to read that you found a place you liked. I wish you to be very happy in this new place!

  2. Good luck with the house. We had to start over on ours and back out of the existing contract. found to many issues. Made another offer just waiting to hear back. Fun process eh?