Monday, April 2

No Fooling, More Mail!

This is the second post I created for April Fool's Day, but I post so rarely that I decided to save this for a day.
Always the recycler, this is from Patricia at Just Letter Rip
From Hannah!
From Troy!  I think he will be awhile in reply since a recent injury has him side lined from writing/ typing.  Heal quickly my friend!
From HS at Addicted to Mail!
Above and below are from LR - a very active SendSomething member!

A letter from JK
A sweet surprise from Lou!  I am a huge fan of Project Runway and she included some postcards from the French version of the show! 
Above and below are from the French Connection Malyss (not the drug ring, apparently the original French Connection).  She sends Valentine flowers and clippings of Carnival from Nice.  Not her favorite season, but a colorful one!

Colorful and fun, I think I'll read another one!  Off to make mail and I hope you will too!

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