Friday, April 13

More, More, More, How do you like it?

Hello Folks,
 My life is coming down to a crunch.  The lovely weather is encouraging my activity and hopefully I will accomplish many of the check offs on my list today.  One thing I am doing is getting caught up on the mail!
Above is a really nice hand made postcard form postcrossing
A lovely surprise from Giselle!  She sent me a view book of her beautiful city, Barcelona, Spain.  She is one of the first pen pals I made when I started this journey.
A great package from Kendall.  You may have seen her blog at Happy Little Mailboxes.
2 postcards.  One of the Sydney opera house from postcrossing and the other from the Mutter Museum from RB.  That is the Museum of Medical Oddities located in old town Philadelphia.
Another postcrossing
I find it humorous how I can get the same theme on the same day from 2 different postcrossers.  One comes from Taiwan and the other from New Zealand!  While I like these, I just want to point out that nowhere on my postcrossing profile does it say specifically that I like cats.  Which makes this a little extra serendipity!
Some more wonderful postcrossings!
A green package from St Patricks Day.  The Picadilly post makes fabulous little gift packs of paper.  I love the recycling of the Lucky Charms box!
Klimt from KC.  I especially like his golden phase of artwork.
A great letter from CKB!
A letter from RB full of her recent adventures.
A nice postcrossing including a letter and bus ticket from Russia. 

Sometimes pen pals come to you through interesting circumstances.  Annie and I started to correspond after I sent her some Inuit artwork.   Turns out she is getting a degree in Native American Culture in the Netherlands.  I like advertising from other countries, so we struck up a deal to trade.  I send here what I can find on our native cultures and she sends me packaging and ads from  the Netherlands.  True symbiosis? 

Well I hope this finds you all writing lots and enjoying Spring/ Fall in your respective hemisphere!

My Best,


  1. Your postman must like you, with all this mail in your mailbox! How great!
    Your pack arrived yesterday. I'm so thankfull!I'll reply soon.
    Hope everything is OK with your new place!

  2. Oh that's a good idea recycling cereal boxes! I'll have to give that a go :-) Hope you're well lovely x