Saturday, April 14

How to Draw a Bunny

I know many of you talk of mail art and some know the origin, but how many of you have seen the documentary called How to Draw a Bunny?  This documentary is about Ray Johnson and his life in art.  He was one of the original mail artist.  The movie has great commentary from Ray Johnson and the folks that he mailed, worked with, and who "knew" him.  Apparently "knowing" him was not an easy task as he was a complex character and very private.
Ray Johnson was fascinated with what he could fit in an envelope, and tearing things apart and mailing the pieces one at a time to folks.  He was a terrific collage artist and was into using logos as part of his work.  Apparently Johnson and Warhol were friends for awhile and had big influences on each others works.
Johnson also enjoyed mailing a piece and having people add to it and mail it on.
I really enjoyed the movie and hope you will consider seeking it out on Netflix!

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