Sunday, March 25

A Problem or Good Fortune?

Recently I have been helping organize a book drive at work.  All the books collected, I hauled to a group that sells them for scholarship money.  But they did not want 2 old sets of Encyclopedia Britannica (1950's era).  I had the option to recycle them into a dumpster bin, but when I opened it to the many pictures, I could not. 

Now, I have 2 out dated sets, any ideas on what to do? 
I suppose I will slowly strip the pages out and find uses for them or friends to send them to.  I almost hate to do anything to them as Encyclopedia Britannica announced this month that they would no longer be publishing the sets.  Since the advent of the Internet, they found the information changed too quickly and they would be outdated once published.  Another institution killed be technology.

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  1. That's what I was about to say to you: As they announced that the Encyclopedia would no more be published, you should keep that one as a treasure and don't cut it.
    Did you receive my big brown envelope?..