Saturday, December 8

Involved {in] Mail

Thought I would gather the in's and put them up for your enjoyment.
This letter is from Lucas!  Check him out at Lucas Writes.
 Mendy contributed to states collection!
 From Juli, the postcard queen!
 On going Project Runway dialogue with LR. 
 from Christi, using up the stamps!
 CKB - nice letter and calligraphy!
 From Gina, a letter that was inspired by my postcrossing profile
 A nice package from Malyss, with a great reproduction Post Office scene.
Patty!  She lives and is doing origami to hold all the goodies she sends.
 A made postcard from JK.  This is the Chihuly museum.  I love the oceans of glass!
 A new contributor Lynn from Sendsomething.  Check out her blog for some good collaging.
 From Potato!  It's been almost a year since we met on postcrossing.
 Thanks to postcrossing for adding to my states collection.
 2 postcards - one from Russia and one from Canada.  I think you can figure out which is which!
 From the Netherlands.  A class of kids is learning geography via postcards.
 Another postcard from the Netherlands with the amazing postcrossing stamp!!!!
 A letter from the wolf-pup on her travels in Belgium.  Man am I behind in my responses!  This was sent before the Letter Social in Harrisburg.
 And finally, arriving just in time!  My friends beautiful children drew me menorah's in time for their celebration of Hanukkah.  Love it!

Hope this finds your season bright and mailbox heavy with mail.

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  1. Tell me: how do you file all those cards and letters?! Have you a box for each country, or each people?No wonder you bought a bigger house! :o)