Sunday, July 28

MIA - Where oh Where did the Snailmailer go?

Hello all! 
I hope this finds each and every one of you doing well!
I know some of you have noticed my lack of blogging and while this is something I want to correct, the near future holds much craziness.  Recently, I started working at another facility to help out on top of my day job, gardening, yard work, and dealing with family issues that continue to demand a lot of my thoughts.

One of today's labor of love!  Home canned tomatoes
Until things settle, I will count the Make Something Monday Projects that I wanted to post, and when the season slows, I hope to be back and show them. I am also going to open postings up to my mail friends and you.  If you have an idea or have always wanted to try blogging without committing to a blog, consider contacting me.  I will still control content, but I have long learned collaboration yields more than a one woman show. My email is thesnailmailer(at)gmail
Let me know and until the next post, please be safe and happy!



  1. Your tomatoes are very tempting!
    It's summer, we all blog less, there's so much to do outside! Don't worry !

  2. Don't worry! The collaboration idea is interesting and a good idea. Hope things settle down for you soon. Take care!