Wednesday, July 17

Allentown Paper Show

Hello all!
I thought I would let you know about an event I am attending this weekend (or hope to attend as nothing is for certain till it is done!).  I read about vintage paper fairs on other blogs and one day I accidentally stumbled on this!
Apparently Allentown, a few cities over, has one as well!  So now I can stop lusting after others finds and go make some of my own!  I will try to post more if I get a chance to attend.  Right now its looking to be a very strong possibility as long as a few more details fall into place!

My Best,


  1. I am so very jealous! I came across the Allentown paper show via an online link. I used to live in PA and could have easily made the trip there had I known abut it. But now I reside in Florida. :( If you go (you should) hope you have a great time and score some good finds!! Happy hunting!

  2. I'm very late in my snailmail, but I will soon have more time to write;Just know that I don't forget you, it's only that I'm so much busy (and tired !) at the moment.
    Hope you're spending a nice summer!