Saturday, March 3

You Asked for Free Ideas!

Hello folks,
Earlier this year I had posted on $1 finds for mail art.  Today I will put some ideas out there for free materials or at least materials that you would otherwise toss.

First is calendars!  I sure hope nobody out there tossed their pretty pictured calendars after the new year.  They are terrific for making envelopes and reusing the small pictures for other.  You can often get multiple of the old ones free from relatives and co-workers as well as recycle any that you may have purchased. 
Envelopes are cut out and ready to be folded

Second are food boxes and labels.  If you already buy these things, recycle the graphics!  The makers have spent millions on packaging and promotion, so take advantage of their hard work and recycle.  (I am self proclaimed princess of the Boca burger box!)

These are actually all ready to go in the mail and cost 65 cents to mail.

Third are security envelopes.  These are well known to many of you, but here are a few examples of how my friend at Picadilly Post has used them.  She really is a master at using the security envelopes.
Fourth are Chinese and Other Take Out Menus.  They get placed on your door or car so why not use them!  I especially like to make them into envelopes to mail things when we are celebrating Chinese New Year and use the stamps correspond so well to them!

Fifth is the recycling bin at work.  You can use shreds to quill with, packaging to make postcards, and even old stickers from boxes to add character to your outgoing mail!
If you are not familiar with quilling, please check out Elena's blog post here.
Feel free to leave comments below on anything else free that inspires you!


  1. Some great ideas, Becky. Especially love the calendar pic re-use. I never throw out old calendars!

  2. (Blushing) I am honored! Thank you!

  3. Wow, thank you for all your ideas.. I have to find all old calendars :D

  4. I want to try to make envelopes, maybe I'll find a calender to use.

    One free thing I've used is the stickers that come free sometimes like with return address labels from a nonprofit. I've found they can be made more custom if they're cut down some.

  5. Mora Boca envelopes! Love it : )