Sunday, March 18

Still catching up!

hello all,
Let's not even pretend that the fervor I started the year with has lasted.  Once again life has conspired to throw my a few curve balls and I am way behind in my correspondence!  Here are a few more photos of the stacks of mail!
And at the bottom, a surprise: )
First off, some leftover Valentine's Day mail

The above and 2 below are all part of a super fun package I received from the Picadilly Post!

the pinwheel starts as a square

this is the very interior!

from LR - ever seasonal!

Another super fun piece comes from Lisa!  She participated in the recycling challenge last year and has stayed in touch since! Both the words and the mail box pop-up!  This was part of a Kleenex mailer to send people tissues.

On to some Postcrossing and other!

had made 3-D card from the Netherlands, it is a postcrossing too

one is from Derrick and one from Postcrossing

My first from Alaska!
A letter from MH

A postcrossing and an Annabell original!
And now for a surprise
I noticed this during inspection of a house that I am now under contract on!  Meant to be?  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!
Thank you for reading!


  1. Oh, we're in the processes of buying/moving, too.

  2. Wow! you get so much mail. I wish I could have that many pen pals.
    Have a great day!

  3. same here - under contract. Short sale though, so could be awhile..

  4. A blog is a minor thing compared to being a home owner. Take your time. Except for my letter, of course. Priorities Beck!

  5. I love those peach/pear stamps... hope it's a good omen. Thank you for the latest security envelopes!

  6. I love the pinwheels. Some great mail in this post. Oh I love signs : ) Fingers crossed for you