Saturday, March 10

More of the Incoming!

Mickey with a pic of Kati's cat
Slowly but surely I will get all your incoming mail up on the blog.  Since I had a big period of not blogging, it will look like I got a lot more than what I really did.  And I also want to apologize to for any I miss.  I know I put away a few postcrossings without getting photos, (but which . . .) so it's better to just skip them.

Above and below are postcrossings! My first from Pakistan!

Above and Below are from my French connection, Malyss - she's so generous with the mail!  And my mail cat Mickey was investigating, she must smell the Mediterranean!

From the Picadilly Post - Dragon Mail!
From Tara - who is transplanting to the East Coast
A postcrossing and really cool wrapped letter from CKB!
From Juli!  Love the mailbox
Yay!  Mail from Kendall at Happy Little Mailboxes
A nice letter from Hannah
Dragon mail from KB
A wonderful bound letter from WD

Expect more mail pics soon!


  1. I never realised that my mail had a special scent!!:o)Jim and Chestnut never told me!(or maybe, the papers are smelling like my two cats? what do you think?..)

  2. Tag, you're it! I hope you will play 11 Questions with me!