Saturday, April 5

Letter Survey - Please take a moment to help out with research

I've been getting a lot of product requests and other miscellaneous offers, many of which I have ignored.  But I got a survey from a Miss Keanna looking for information regarding why and to whom do I write.

Excerpt of email

"We are Keanna and Nisha. We are students conducting a research study on human connectivity through different channels of communication. We're looking into letter writing/snail mail, social communities (Facebook, Twitter), and email pen-pal services as our sources of data. We'd love to hear from you about your experiences in writing to letters to other people. We recently joined the Letter Writers Alliance and were hoping to find contact with more letter writers to add to our data pool."

 They also went on to ask that I pass the survey along to my letter writing friends.  So here it is folks!  Please take this opportunity to tell somebody why letter writing is not now or in the near future an endangered species. 
Just click the embedded link (too long to post here) and lend your stats and opinions.

Please pass it along to your pen friends and see if we can get enough numbers to crash the site!  I know this would not be good for the researchers but it would say a mouthful about those who are of the pen and paper clan.

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  1. I took time to fill the survey out. Thanks for sharing!