Monday, April 7

Stationery Give Away Winners

Well I can honestly say that I expected more excitement when it came to my stationery give-away.  Those who entered had excellent odds especially ChewyTulip who was the only USA participant and there by the default winner.  And boy did she win!  Not only am I sending her the stack of stationery that I sorted out last week, but I am also tossing in some vintage magazines and miscellaneous materials for her usage.  ChewyTulip is a very talented stationery designer in her own right and a mail artist.

As for the 4 international contestants, I removed my long time pen pal Malyss from the running.  She's an awesome friend and just needs to ask if she wants something, therefore I'll send her a package just because.  If you ever need a soothing view of the world, take a look at her section of paradise.

That leaves us with 3.  What to do?  Well I let the cats decide.  First name out of the fishbowl is the winner.

 By the way these fishbowls are fun for the kitties to solve for treats, and all participant felines were rewarded!

And there you have it!  Paper Obsessed, if you could please leave a comment with your mailing details, I will get it in the mail and of course, not post your info. 
Congrats and enjoy!


  1. Oh, Thank you so much, Becky !
    I know I should say it's unfair, but, well, I'm so happy! :o) and it's exactly the kind of good news I need those days.. My "section of paradise" had an earthquake yesterday evening, and hoooo , 15 seconds long, which is very long when you're waiting for it to stop!
    I did not sleep very well. So , a good news sounds even better this morning !
    Thank you again, take a good care of you!

  2. Who-hoo! Thanks for running the giveaway and the kind words about my work! :)

  3. Looks like I picked a bad two weeks to be MIA from Blogland, Becky! You know I would have been all in for your giveaway, but thankfully, you are so generous anyway, so I'm good! :-)

  4. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for the opportunity,The much neded lift is needed!!! CONGRATIONS to the WINNER
    ms j