Tuesday, April 15

Beautiful Trifold Cards

Recently I have been making a lot of cards.  I am stuck on a particular design, and I unfortunately work at a place that needs a number of sympathy cards and my cards have become a favorite.  Although the one I pictured below is a fun quick Easter card for the nephews.

Yes this is the tape to attach the front cover.

The sparkly bunny is attached to the left side so it opens as seen in the first.

Here's a tutorial on the trifold card.  Although I usually make mine taller than the one demonstrated. (roughly 6 inches)  Above is the 4x4 version which is the one I originally saw made.

Now I must bid you a farewell as the table isn't clearing itself of crafting materials.
Remember a creative mess is better than tidy idleness!


  1. It' seems easy to do, and I love your last quote! I'll copy it and cross stitch it!

    1. They are not hard at all, just have to be accurate on the folds. And the last quote was from a stamp I bought recently! Loved it too.