Monday, March 31

National Stationery Week Celebration

I was doing some surfing among people who travel in the circles of everything pen and paper and I came across a post about National Stationery Week.  I got all excited and even start to rock back in forth in my chair, then I deflated as I learned this was a British celebration.  But not very deflated, as anything that celebrates the written word and beautiful gorgeous stationery is newsworthy in this little world. 

So today I don my Wellingtons and go to the store for some tea and biscuits because I am going British for a week!  I already love the monarchy and have the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On" proudly displayed on a stationery box, so why not!  For a few nights I can forgo my normal tele watching to start in on Downton Abbey on Netflix.  I've been meaning to add it to my queue anyway!

And in celebration of National Stationery Week, I think I will offer a give away.  Please make mention of this week on your blog or some social media and throw your name in the hat below in comments.  I will have 2 prizes - a large 8 by 11 envelope full of stationery goodness for the USA and one half that size for international mailing. 
If you are international, please let me know that too as that is not easy to track on the comments.  Winner announced April 6th - the last day of the celebration!  The winners will be randomly selected by a means to be determined.

Until then, I'll be playing catch up on my huge letter pile!


  1. Great giveaway! I made mention on my blog. I live in Canada.

    Thanks! :)

  2. How to resist to one of your giveaways?! i'm in!
    I did not hear about that week, and that's a pity. I'll try to see what I can find on Internet . Thanks for the news!

  3. lol I just had a little giggle and thought ooh who else is blogging about National Stationery Week and realised it was a link to me! I am so pleased that you are joining in and becoming a Brit for the week tee hee! Good luck to everyone on the giveaway:)

  4. I put the week on my facebook page!
    Oh, and I live in Belgium. ^^

  5. I mentioned it on Instagram, with a photo of my current favorite fountain pen and a page from my sketchbook. (I am chewytulip on instagram!)

    1. I will mention it to friends, family, wrting friends, near and afar by my personal interactions on a dailey basis ,perhhaps when the oppturtunity becomes available to me.
      ms j