Friday, April 11

New Product: The Da Vinci Notebook

I was approached again to review a product and I really only mention the ones that I believe in.  I found this particular one to be of interest!
Nick was the same guy who did the envelope templates. Which you can buy here.
He recently asked me to review a new paper that is made from stone.  I was skeptical at first that it would be an improvement over my traditional paper but really the new paper was pretty cool.  The paper took all the inks and enamel, acrylic, and watercolor paint without distortion.  It took ink sprays and pigments extremely well with no smearing or buckling.  I punched pieces out of it and folded it, it took them all great!  But it did not tear, and I doubt it would sand.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because I believe folks looking for a great art media will love this stuff.  Here's another crafter who experimented with the project.  The video is pretty long, but she puts it through its paces.

I strongly recommend anybody interested in art journaling or looking for a terrific travel sketchbook should look at this product!  I do not impress easily, but this one was pretty darn cool!
Happy Creating!

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