Friday, March 7

Birthday Cards for Colin

Hello all!
I live far away from many friends and most of the family, so I use social media like most people do to keep in touch.  My sister recently invited me to join a page called "Send Cards to Colin" 
I am always slightly skeptical of things on Facebook that I do not know directly originated from an acquaintance.  I have seen things shaming people, encouraging people, and informing people, but if it's something I intend to share, I check the back story on it.  Turns out this is legitimate as best as I can verify in my short work of looking things up.
The whole story can be read here.  The synopsis is that Colin has felt isolated and that he has no friends due to his mild Autism.  His mother went to social media after asking him who Colin wanted to invite to his birthday party and his response was it was not worth it because he had no friends.  She wants to let him know that different is okay and that he has friends.
School can be harsh especially when you are deemed different in a less desirable way.  Life's hard enough, so I think I will use my hobby and send a little love!  Please join me in sending a card to Colin and taking a moment to remind him he's not alone.

PO Box 756
Richland, MI 49083

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  1. She wants to let him know that different is okay and that he has friends.30th birthday ideas