Thursday, March 13

Printable Stationery

Hello all!
How are you doing?  Somehow this month is flying by and I find myself ever behind!  But on a good note, I am routinely creating so I guess the trade is worth it in some ways.  And I hope to post one of the card designs I have fallen in love with in the near future. 
But before we get there, I want to point out a couple of sites where you can snag some printable stationery designs.

First my friend Tara-dactyl has a set that I somehow helped to inspire.  As I said before, I love having the ability to plant ideas and let others take them and make them their own.  To inspire anything positive is an honor!

Another site is an old one, but it has a variety of lovely designs.  Take a look and see if any tickle your fancy.

Lastly, if you are huge into printables, I recommend you think of becoming a member of one of several groups on Facebook that share printable stationery designs like "Penpal Friends Stationery Printables".

Have fun!

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