Sunday, March 2

Images for Postcards Contest

I have been on the Postcrossing site now for over 3 years and one of the things I get really excited about is when people send me images they have take in their regular lives and make them into postcards.  These are always among my favorites due to the personal nature of their content.  For me, it has an extra layer of sharing and camaraderie!
Postcrossing just announced a contest being held by a Dutch company, much like Zazzle but choosier, where images are submitted and they make them into postcards available for sale.  This year the theme of the contest is books.   
If you have some photography talent and want to participate, look here for more details.
Now here are a few photos I would like to turn into postcards some day!
 Taken at Bunratty Castle in Ireland
 Taken at my parents' home in Ohio.  I planted all those trees and many more!
 I would have this photo of my dog with a caption "I need another weekend"
Beautiful sunflowers from the parents' property with our red barn in the background.

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  1. My fav for a postcard is the first one .But the loveliest pic is your dog..