Saturday, February 8

Snow Day - Recycling Projects

Hello all,
Most of you in the Midwest and Eastern USA are tired of this winter and its depressingly cold temperatures and heavy snowfalls.  This week I got to stay home from work due to a wintry mix of freezing rain and snow.  Yuck!
Do you see the branch bending in the center from snow and ice?

But it did give me an opportunity to experiment.  I saved some winter themed Christmas cards that I received to turn into postcards and envelopes.  I thought I would share the results of what started that day. 

 Winter only themes, nothing too Christmas related were chosen.  I then cut the backs off of them.  Most held little more than a signature, so I recycled the backs. 
I did not take a picture of the one envelope I did by trimming 2 of the cards to the same size and washi taping them together.  But that is an option!

 What I did that I thought turned out neat was cut random pieces of security envelope and fold edges and glue them down as shown above. 
 I liked the uneven angular edges and had an idea of being more spiky.  Although I was thinking to keep them functional so as to use as an envelope.
Here they are all folded down. 
The idea is when the recipient gets the card, they can unfold the layers. 
This particular Christmas/ Winter themed card is going to a pen pal that I am way, way over due on mailing, so I decided to make the interior a Valentine.  I love the big heart theme I created!  More on this design soon.

Finally if you do something different that needs to be open in a different fashion, please let the recipient know!  You spent time to make something different, and it should be appreciated for what it is, mail art.

Keep creating my friends!

 P.s. I am planning on getting a new camera as I realize all the images are below par.  Please bare with me till the research and shopping can get done.


  1. I like how you used the business envelope liners! I was just looking at my stash of them, thinking I should be using them for something. I like your idea!

    1. An up close sample of my work will go out Monday!

  2. You should post all those Valentines from yesterday!