Wednesday, February 26

Remember to Play!

When I was at my friend's place this last Spring, (Oh to remember warmth and green!), she had a bag she was using from Teavana to carry miscellaneous stuff and it was a bute.  One thing about opening your mind to creating with all kinds of paper, is that you see envelopes and stationery everywhere.  I could use others' rubbish to create stationery and never need to buy more!!! Yea, right.  I just have a stationery habit I can't kick. 
Well the friend said she would send me the bag some time to tear up and that day came.  It was a snow day, which one, well we've had so many!  But I did remembered to take some pics to share.  So I decided to play and play I did.
 The beautiful outer raw paper and brick color of the bag.  The inside is a deep purple.
 I decided to make an envelope where I used paper straps to close it.  I cut holes and weaved the strips through and then taped them to the inside.
 I folded and glued the ends.
 Then I add a tag for the address.  When its ready to send I will fold over the straps and secure them to the back.  This will hold in a letter only, no smalls.
 For another I was inspired by a clutch purse.  I made a trifold and secured a strip around it that will meet and be glued under the square below.

 Lastly I made a postcard with strips of leftovers and security envelopes glued down. 
On the back, I decided to make a glassine envelope to put a letter in.  Due the postcards size, I will have to mail it as a letter anyway, so why not have fun!  I am sure the recipient will love this!  I know this because I know I would like this.
Now go forth with scissors and glue stick in hand and make something PLAYFUL!  You really cannot go wrong when you play because playing means a lack of plans, being spontaneous, and having fun.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? 


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