Sunday, February 16

Bold Heart Design

I promised more on the theme of the bold heart design.  When I first started to flirt with the design, I thought it would be one that lends itself to a variety of projects.  Found out I was right!  I made postcards and envelopes and Valentines with similar designs and I never got tired of it.

 Do you remember the shard card I did awhile ago?  The above was a bit of a take on that. 
 These are the cards I ended up making for my friends out of a small set of petal envelopes.  I cut varying sizes and thicknesses of paper in isosceles and right angled triangles.  I usually used  because there is a rule of odds being more eye appealing than even numbers. 
 I sacrificed myself and ate some Hershey Kisses to make this one.  Always a recycler!
The fruits of my labors!  Although the snow storms keep me from mailing them on time.
I hope you had a great weekend!



  1. That is too cute. I love the idea :)

  2. What a sacrifice. Eating Hershey's