Friday, January 31

Are You Ready for Letter Mo?

The month of February is traditionally the month to celebrate letter writing.  I noticed on the Postcrossing Facebook page they had put up a reminder to get ready and I am glad they did or I would have missed the beginning of it which starts tomorrow!
For those who are not familiar, the goal is to send one piece of personnel mail (bills do not count) a day and try to respond to people who write you during the month. 
The mail can be anything from postcards to letters to a note sprawled across the back of Cheerios box made of cut and paste words from a magazine.  The point is to send some mail love and celebrate the art of a letter. 
And if you need more motivation for your efforts, check this out. (P.s. I do not care about the product so much, but the video commentary is spot on)

Even if people do not write you back, like much of my family and old friends, they will still appreciate it!
Use that stationery set you've been hoarding for a rainy day and send a smile!

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