Monday, February 24

Accordion Card/ Book Project

Hello all!
I have recently been obsessed with making these accordion cards.  I started a few weeks ago after my friend lost her dog of 18years as a keepsake and since then I have played with the function. 
To start I recommend you should watch this little video that I found super helpful.

The only thing I do differently is I make 2 covers. Front and Back.
 I use a thin cardboard like what you would find in the back of a box.
 A tip on which type of paper to use, you may want to fold test a corner.  If it breaks like above, you may want a different paper.
 I worked in 4inch squares because the scrapbook paper comes in 12 by 12inches and cuts down into 3 strips that fold into three 4 by 4 sections.  I find 2 connected as seen above make a good size book.
 I like to use double sided scrapbooking paper for the center papers so you have 2 sides ready to use.
 This is the front side of the card and the front panel.

 This is the flip side and I attached a ribbon under the panel.

And this is a different book all bundled and ready to go!  They look like beautiful little presents! 
I could see these being mini scrapbooks, trade books for people to add and pass, keepsakes, or for fancy letters. 
Keep creating my friends!


  1. It does not seem to be too difficult ; I'll try!
    And congrats for the new design of the blog , very joyfull!