Friday, January 3

Happy New Years! Try Something New

It's that time of year again.  Time to pull out the pen and paper and write out a list of goals to try to improve yourself.  To lose weight, to eat better, or maybe fulfill a life dream, these and more may be on any given list.  Don't get me wrong, even though I heard on the news that 60% of folks are not bothering to make any new resolutions, I think I will set some goals, but in a unique way. 

First thing I hope to get done before the end of the month is making a vision board.  The board is to represent areas I would like to focus or balance in my life.  I have often heard that the subconscious mind is stronger than any of us can truly understand, but not the easiest thing to tap, and I am hoping keywords and images will help me focus in on what I truly want out of this year!  Also it will serve as a visual reminder daily to keep my mind focused and ready.  One of my favorite movie quotes of all time is from Eat, Pray, Love when the guy said, "You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day."

If you have questions about how to make a vision board, I recommend checking out this video.

I have also decided to make this a "yes" year and focus on the experience of trying new things, making new experiences, and learning! Sounds simple right? Actually I have to chuckle as I the prospect is so daunting, but as the movie Yes Man was about a man getting out of his comfort level, I hope this too will get me out of a rut I have found myself in.  I do not think it will culminate in my singing a jumper off a ledge, but who knows!  Obviously the saying yes will be tempered by free time, reason, and money.  But heck, lets try something different this year, and my first new experience will be the vision board.

My best to you all!


  1. I love the idea of a "yes year"...sounds good to me! I found myself stamping "yes" throughout a journal I was working on...I think I'm in the "yes" spirit myself!

  2. I like and agree with that vision board! A perfect way to keep things on mind!
    There's an other quote I love in the movie (Eat, Pray,Love), a simple word : "attraversiamo!" It means something like "let's go! let's dare, let's do it !
    i hope you'll succeed in your goals!