Sunday, January 19

Heart to Heart

I guess by now most of you have realized my mind has wondered in other directions outside of this blog.   I truly want to blog, but my heart is not currently into doing such and one should not force their hearts into actions they feel untrue towards.

Where is my heart?  Well its into working on the house, dealing with a very sick parent, and trying to create more.  I feel as though I lack all the hours in the day to get everything done, but then I look at my DVR and realize, I probably could give up more of that!

Today I had a cathartic moment as I met up with the card crafting group that gets together every now and again.  I focused my time there on filling 2 mail art requests and I am happy with the results of both. 

It was also nice to hear that I was not alone in my worries over my abilities to create, manage my time, and that somebody had been before where I stand now with the illness of a parent.  It sounded as though I was not the only person that lacked the drive to blog and that's when I realized I may never gain it again. 

This however is not a farewell, but more of a "I'll drop in when I can" moment.  I have learned and earned too much from this little electronic wonderland to drop it from my life.  I wholeheartedly appreciate every single follower and friend I have made along the way. 

Some of you have crossed from readers to my fellow pen pals and even to flesh and blood friends I have met up with.  I guess what I am trying to say is I am moving away from the intangible electronic world into a more tangible world.  I am seeking the physicality of companionship and opportunities for growth.  I hope this year leads me to collaboration on projects and better understanding of my spiritual side as it relates to me and is fueled by my passions such as writing and art.  A side I have not attended to in awhile.

Again friends, we will meet each other again in this space, but I have no intentions of blogging multiple times a week like I used to.  I hope you will all understand and stay tuned for what's to come!

Wishing you much joy in 2014!


  1. All of us has to face that problem one day or an other. Days are only 24hours long, and that's not enough! So , I understand very well.I'm very late in my snail mail but I'm trying to catch up and I don't forget you!
    Take a good care of you! Hugs!

  2. Your art and creative outlet is your snail mail. Stick with it. I'm tired of blogging too and have gotten it down to once a week and am happy with that. You should have posted the photo of your heart card though!!

    1. I think my mind is divided. Check facebook for more info on that. I actually want to step back from blogging though, so I can spend more time making my letters special.

  3. Take care of yourself! We'll see each other in the mail :)