Monday, January 27


Hello all,
I am unsure how to start this, so I will just put it out there.  My Father died this weekend after a very, very long illness.  Please hold the condolences!  I do appreciate them, I really do.  But this was a mixed blessing/ loss.  He is no longer suffering and his death has brought parts of my family together that I have not seen in nearly 7 years.  So his loss is sad, but there is a silver lining to that cloud.
And yes his illness was part of the reason I took a break from blogging and probably honestly will continue to do so for awhile.  I just had/ have too much floating around in my brain to want to put up light hearted banter about the mail world. But I will get back to that space. 
Until then, hug the ones you love and remember life is fleeting. 
My Best,


  1. Dear Becky, I'm terribly sorry to read this;No words will offer you a solace for a while, but all my thoughts and prays are with you and your family during those hard moments.As your father was very ill, he stopped suffering. But even if we know that, we're never really prepared to such a separation.Be brave,only time will help you to feel better. Hugs from heart, Marie

    1. Thanks hun. Support is appreciated, but I am doing okay.

  2. I understand your point but sending a hug anyway. Take care of yourself.