Friday, October 3

Where Was I?

Hello all!
I hope many of you are still out there and patiently awaiting my return.  I hold no grand designs that whether I blog again or not will make or break your day, nonetheless it is nice to be missed. 
So the question on your mind might be where did I go?
The honest answer is I needed a break.  I had other areas of my life that required my energies and letters and even creating had become a chore.  All the pen pals and postcrossings were neglected most of the summer.  I just needed space to breathe.  And think. 
~Insert deep breath here.~
When I made the determination that I wanted to continue to blog, and I truly did as I know it touches lives.  I occasionally get emails or notes from folks saying they saw something here and it resonated something within them.  Those comments are some of the biggest compliments I could ask for. 
In my mind floated the questions of what would I say?  Which direction did I want to take?  Mail was a topic I have warm affections for but was it my singular passion?
The answer was no.  Mail and I have a comfortable affection for each other, but I needed to jump into other hobbies and hope it will reignite the burning passion I once had for stamps and missives that carried words around the world. 
Therefore, future posts will revolve around things that make me want to create!  Things that inspire my soul whether they be tangible or not.  To start I overhauled some of the old blog links that were defunct and added some newer offerings. 
Expect art, crafts, a variety of mediums used, videos, and maybe quotes or poetry that somehow affect me.  To start, definitely check out this link on flat greeting cards that fold out into paper jewelry and let your brain imagine!
Photo borrowed from  Link to lower right.


  1. Glad to see you back !
    I'm late in my mail too, having a complicated situation at hhome at the moment . Well, we all need to breath sometimes, we all need to change things . Take your time, the most important thing is to be well in your life!
    I'll write you soon. Take a good care of you! Faithfully yours!

  2. So glad you're back! And how cute are those paper rings?! I'm really excited to see where you go with this; the possibilities are endless!

  3. Welcome back! I am very interested in your widened focus. I am like that with my blog: I'm not good at focusing on any one thing, so it is a reflection of my creative life as a whole. Maybe it's just me, but I think that makes it more interesting! :-)