Monday, June 16

Question: What Are Your Inspirations?

Hello all!
This weekend, I was looking at taking my collage techniques to the next level.  I often enjoy being in a creative environment and learning from others.  I thought I would look into classes or magazines where I could find ideas, not that I don't have enough floating around in my head, but I was never trained in arts and have questions about many medias and techniques.
The magazines look really cool, but many where close to $60 for 6 issues, therefore I will have to par down my want list to match my budget.  So I toss this out to you all, what magazines, sites, or classes are you taking that inspire you?
Any YouTube channels that you have found particularly helpful?
Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. "Journaling" , "mailart" , "scrapbooking" on Google give many (free) inspiration. But paintings in muséums, book for children (especially old ones ) help me too .I always have a small notebook with me to keep ideas that could appear during the day .
    Hugs !

  2. I like Jenniebellie and Christi Soblinski's youtube channels and Cloth Paper Scissors site. I am planning on getting their magazine. Other than that, Collage a Day book is good. Eventually I want to do a retreat on art journaling and/ or start a local group.

  3. I took two collage courses last fall and enjoyed them both for different reasons. They were both on-line. One was 30 Days of Collage by Stephanie Levy (an American living in Berlin): and the other was Text and Image by Jane Davies I learned a lot about technique from Jane and you actually got some useful critiquing (which I appreciated). Stephanie's course was fun - just a prompt a day. I didn't find the ideas earth-shatteringly unique, but I enjoyed the prompt to keep trying something and to just get at it. I would have liked to have some critique, but it was clear from others that that was not the real purpose of the course. (I suggested a slight change in one collage - very gently I thought! - and was greeted with resounding silence! She also had great interviews with collage artists, which may have actually been the best part. I met some new friends and we carried on with collage swaps/circles. Both were very reasonable, around $100. And I agree with you, The Collage Workbook, by Randel Plowman of A Collage a Day is fabulous. I see Randel Plowman also has a course advertised on his blog: The Art of Collage. Another fabulous book with great ideas (from a master, IMHO, Nick Bantock) is The Trickster's Hat. Lots of great ideas. By the way, I just mailed you a collage!

  4. Ooh, I'm taking notes!

    I tend to forget how many video resources there are online, and think I should take advantage of them more. I try to ask for magazine subscriptions for holiday gifts, so right now I am getting Somerset's Art Journaling magazine for the year. I love Pinterest for all kinds of ideas, and of course hopping around from blog to blog.