Sunday, October 12

Weekend Projects

There are so many project I see on-line that I would like to do, that it is sometimes paralyzing.  When I get to those points, I try to step back and think of how far I have come in the years since I started the blog and tried me hand at collaging and mailart.
I have evolved from middle school level artistic skill, to somebody who feels they could start an Etsy shop and actually sell something, but won't due to time constraints.  But I feel as though I could!   And having some confidence in my own artistic interpretation of life is over half the battle. 

paper, washi, rub-ons, stamps, inks used.
 My style is still repurposing a variety of materials often tossed.  Or mixing inks and papers to create things.  I still cannot draw very well, and my painting is basic, but I try nonetheless every weekend and most nights to make something somebody else will love.
A wrapper from a Chocolate bar.

 A little glitzy for my normal style, thus the glare. 
2 envelopes made from an ad in a fashion magazine.  I wish I hadn't stamped the quote on the upper one, but I will probably cover it with a label instead.  Surprisingly the lower one I liked better.

Keep trying to create!  It will get easier as your brain lets go!

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