Sunday, June 1

Begs the Question

I recently watched a TED talks about how to influence people into doing what you wanted them to do.  It was very interesting.  Basically it said that people are much more likely to do an action when they see the action being done.  An example would be the best form of getting people to do what you want.  It's the science of conformity.  Unfortunately I could not find this video to relay it to you, but I did find this one.

What relevance does the art of persuasion carry in the letter writing community? 
If we could show that letter writing is NOT a forgotten art and a letter sent DESERVES a reply, then we would be a lot closer to saving the USPS and maybe influence some friends and family members into making another level of exchange and bonding with us.  Crazier ideas have caught on and spread like wildfire. 
For my part, I have started to read and write a letter or 2 a week in a public space.  Which is pretty easy since I have a farmer's market across from the post office on Saturdays.  I wish I had a badge that said, "letter writing was never dead, so stop trying to bury it" to show people when they say the infamous dying art phrase.
What are your thoughts on the subject? 


  1. I'm going to make you a button that says "letter writing was never dead"! That is amazing.

    I find that I'm more in-your-face about letter writing to people these days. Everyone I've ever talked to about it seems so interested in it but they just don't make the effort for whatever reason. I love showing people the kind of mail I receive and seeing their face light up. I think it just needs to seem fun to people... that's kind of what I hope to accomplish if I ever get to sell my stationery in stores. The USPS seems to be catching on to the idea, too, and putting out stamps that appeal more to the masses.

    1. I would love a button! And as far as selling your stationery, you visualize it happening and it will.

  2. In France , we call that "preaching by example ".
    I think that most of people would like to RECEIVE letters and cards, but most of time they're too lazy to make the effort to WRITE .Maybe one solution would be in schools, where to teach to kids how good it is to write . But , well, I don't know.
    I'd like to have such a badge too, even if I'm not sure it woukld make people write .

  3. We should start a campaign to bombard our congresspersons' mail boxes with SAVE OUR POST OFFICE cards and letters. There is talk of a move to do away with our current postal system and have it privatized. Some yahoo wants to become a billionaire off our love of letters. We keep the USPS moving and our voices should be heard. Ours is the power.