Sunday, August 11

This Week Brings . . .

Hello all!
I hope your summers are going well.  The cicada are singing here which according to the old farmers means our first frost will follow in 6 weeks.  I do not think they are right in this area, but its a saying and probably right up north. 
Anyway, what have I been up to this week.  Well I was camped out in the living room with the kitties while the hardwood floors I uncovered were finished!


There was a different carpet in each room and the hallway.  You can't see it, but this carpet is very very dated.


Amazing that they covered these beautiful hardwood floors!

Also many folks that I correspond with ask about Lily, the foster cat.  She's doing well.  She's only lost a pound, but we are working on it.

I hope this finds you all enjoying the summer!


  1. Wow, those are beautiful floors! So glad you uncovered them!

  2. No , good idea they put the carpet! this way, the wooden floor was protected! :o)
    Lily has fabulous eyes!

  3. D'awww, Lily! I want her! Sad that my complex doesn't allow kitties. :(

    Also, WHO WOULD COVER THOSE FLOORS?! They're lovely! Gee whiz people do strange things.