Sunday, May 13

Life is not Just Stationery

Hello all,
It has been awhile since my last post!  I have had so many things to tell you but I have been slow getting Internet hooked up in the new house.  Plus now I have unpacking, chores, and yard work to add to the schedule, that I have been off in my own little world of new home ownership. 

But before I go onto new business, I want to post about old first!  The old business being the letter writing social from 2 weekends ago.  Melissa from Craftgasm has a brilliant write up with a multitude of pictures at her blog here

Lets just say it was a geek out overload!  I really enjoyed meeting these folks and a pen friend and making new pen friends.  If you ever get an opportunity to go to a letter writing social, TAKE IT!  I do not believe there was a single person that walked away unhappy, except a certain young gentlemen who was a major stamp enthusiast and wanted to take all of them home with him! 

New business:  Why I have been so busy  (pics at the request of CKB)
No joke- almost 3/4 of an acre with raspberry arbor and fruit trees!

Some more of the fruit trees minus one dead one I already chainsawed down
One small section of my deck- the only part set up for entertaining and it will be a lovely place to write a letter!

There's lots of work in that green space!  Today I am going to rototill a patch and get a little garden going!  But as soon as the internet is up, I hope to return to my old blogging ways.  I have so much to share with you all mail-wise!

I hope this finds you stamping and mailing to your hearts content!


  1. Congratulations home owner! :) What an amazing garden and how lucky to have fruit trees!

  2. Your yard is BEAUTIFUL... I am jealous of your fruit trees. I look forward to future updates. ;)

  3. Becky, the place looks AWESOME!! I signed up to keep the Meetup site from coming down. There is someone named Mesha who is anxious to get stuff going over in your area. Miss you!

  4. Gorgeous yard! And the letter writing get together sounds so fun! I just found out that my potential future roommate has penpals! She is the first person over the age of 30 (even over 20!) that I've met in real life that has pen-pals. :) I wish I could have gone to that event with you!

  5. Whoaaa!! This is AMAZING!!! Well done. So excited for you :-)