Sunday, September 26

What Makes a Stationary Addict? Here's a List

There are many of us on line (though still a small communtiy by most standards) who have a problem.  We love mail and all things involved with mail.  I've come to the conclusion that I am a stationary addict. 
How do you know if you are a stationary addict?

1) You go out of your way to look at and purchase stationary on trips.
It's rare that I don't buy a packet of cards or some other post memorabilia when I visit a new location such as a museum, other country, or well anywhere.

2) You would never think of writing a note on plain paper!
If you are like me, you probably have at least 20 different styles of paper and are ready to make another 10 with stamps, stickers, or just your own artwork.  And of course, it is all personalized to the person you are writing to!

3) Unless it's a package, it has a stamp. 
And not a forever stamp, but something artistic you went your post master for! OR 2 or 3 stamps, depending on the locale to be sent to.

4) Not only do you send a card for every holiday but you also have a card for every holiday in your stash or have it purchased 1-2 monthes prior to the holiday. 
There's no scrambling for birthday and holiday cards here.  I keep them in a tin on my stationary shelves. 

5) Writing a few letters prompts you to buy more stationary.
Though you already have enough that you can't possibly use it all, even if you wrote a letter a day for 5 years.
This weekends binge.

6)You know where every discount stationary store is in town. 
To correspond with 5, and don't lie to yourself because you know its true.  People could drive past you on the street and stop and ask for directions to the nearest stationary store, and you could tell them where the nearest 3 are and which one has a sale.

7)You go on line to try to find more people to write to, so you can use some of your stationary, so you can make or buy more stationary. 
Vicious little cycle, but a lovely one!  Check out the Penpal exchange and the Letter Writers Alliance.

8)You have boxes of stationary and shelves of stationary boxes. 
See picture.  AND no that's not all!  I have some more that wouldn't fit on the shelf.  Plus supplies to make my own should this run out.  Like it ever would because I am perpetually replenishing the stock.
(I love those fake books.  They hold so much loose paper stationary and are so stylish.)

If most of these apply, breathe deeply and say it with me, "Yes, I have a problem"


  1. Yes, I have a problem. But I'm OK with it. Loved this post and your pictures.

    Have only just discovered your blog via Missive Maven.


  2. Welcome, I am just a fledgling blogger. Advice is welcomed!
    I did visit your site and added you to the list.