Sunday, September 11

Let's Recycle! Mailart for less!

Hello All,
I know that we all get wrapped up in our own heads that we NEED the latest and greatest NEWEST gadget to create.  But deep down, I know we all know that is not true.  It may be buried really deep down- but its there!  So here is some free or cheap ways to make an impact.
I like textured or shiny paper so here is some free stuff from the paint aisle.
Of course other inspiration can come from trash - can labels and old food boxes are fun to use as envelopes.  In an effort to challenge myself and create something for free I did the following:
My writing paper came from a chopped up security envelope

The envelope came from some jewelry ads

Here's the final package with a paint chip serving as a label

Good times and all I have in it is some tape, glue and postage!  Even the ink was free (a promotional pen given out by a hotel).  Remember mail can be fun and cheap!  I gaurantee it will be enjoyed by the recipient!
Thriftily yours,


  1. The writing paper really was the challenge. The rest I do routinely.

  2. Very good. Patty at Just Letter Rip introduced me creating mail are from recycled junk mail. Someone should do a news story on it--Get all of America involved. :D