Sunday, October 7

More Mail!

It was a moment of conflict when I decided to no longer directly post my address on my web page, but as you can see, I am still extremely blessed with mail.  I am glad there are so many interested in writing and sending and that physical contact with the world will hopefully go on!
Enough psycho-babble, on to the visual stimulation.
 A note from my old co-worker!  Love and miss her!
 A nice letter from KC.  Like the Calgary Belt Buckle stamp!
 A letter from Mary Has Sound.  We met at the DC Letter Writing Social at the National Postal Museum.  See what a little socializing brings?
Mark your calendars for the upcoming letter social in Harrisburg on November 3rd!
A sendsomething friend!  Welcome CA to the incoming basket.

 The Institute of Deltiology (postcards) and its founder.  I hope to communicate with him in the near future and see if he would like postcards donated to him.  His main interests is looking at historical buildings and the changes that postcards document especially in relation to the state of Pennsylvania.
 A letter and some from CB on send something
 Melissa of Craftgasm, with a nice note.  Vintage early 90's I suspect ! )
A great letter from MW on Send Something.  Her handwriting is divine, makes me a bit abashed about my chicken scratches.  Good thing I found a few typewriters to help my legibility. 
 A nice letter from Miss Millie, a new send something pal.  That site has been very good to me!
 My postcrossing pen pal; Potato and I continue to exchange notes despite the distance!
 Love the Sugar Plum Penguins - this is actually a 3-D card and very cute.  I could hear
 Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies in my head while I read this!  I am not the biggest classical music person, but this particular score holds a soft spot in my heart!  This letter comes as a reply to a recent random care package I sent to a Send Something participant.  Whenever I unload those boxes of stationery, I repack them with this and that and out goes some mail love!
I liked this raw stationery from my friend JK - whose out exploring life!

My Bests,

P.S. Some outgoing, I rarely post these
A little Dexter anybody?

Remember security envelopes and paint chips are always a good fit!  This was a envelope filled with envelopes and sent out to Annie in reply to her envelope conundrum.

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